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Expeditions have tried to find a fictional place called Shangri-la that is supposed to imbibe people with the power to retain youth. Situated in the Everest mountain range, it was conjured up by the British writer James Hilton. But it showed once and for all that mankind is yet to awaken from the dream state of hunting after myths.

Gerontologists are professionals who make it their business to paint bleak pictures of aging as an all downhill process with increasing loss of skills, functions, and quality of life. As such people who follow after their works find it difficult to ever accept this inevitable part of life. They walk into their old age with a pessimistic viewpoint and remain unhappy through the most of it.

There are movements for the promotion of acceptance of old age amongst the aged in the United States. Conversely, there are also those that decry it. People such as gerontologists think that being old means a loss of skills and functions, as well as a reduction in overall quality of life. The worst part is that they are not quiet about it.

Senior citizens often find it difficult to cope when they have to be subjected to much of what gerontologists offer. Gerontologists paint aging and old age as an overall downward spiral speckled with loss of faculties and abilities, including a general trouncing of the quality of ones life. This makes it harder for them to accept their age. The olive leaf was used extensively in ancient Egypt. It was believed at the time that the herb helped to promote overall beauty in a person, and also assist the person in living a longer and more fruitful life. In the event that this failed, then at least, they could try to make their afterlife a more fruitful one.

Preventing death is an ideal that has gone on for ages, and the failures man has endured in this field have eclipsed all the successes found in science and technology over the centuries. For some reason, a lot of people just want to live on and on. And for some reason, they are unable to. Perhaps it just wasnt meant to be. But they can slow down the aging process by doing certain things right such as eating well and living well. You can slow down aging too if you know and do the right things.

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